Munden Interactive is the first and only NREMT (National Registry Test) simulator!
Munden Interactive works by determining your level of competence and understanding of material set fourth by the National Registry. Students that use Munden Interactive are given questions with various levels of difficulty throughout the duration of the exam.

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You've invested a lot of time and money in your education. Your future – and, perhaps your family’s livelihood – has come down to this final exam. So, what’s on the line for you? Is it a career? A promotion? A sense of accomplishment?

No matter what your goals are, Munden Interactive.com is prepared to help you! Firefighter-Paramedic Forrest Munden is pioneering the way in interactive, web-based learning with informative, relevant quizzes that not only provide you with valuable feedback, but also teach you how to maximize your ability to learn... creatively!

What exactly makes Munden interactive.com different from any other website out there? Imagine for a minute taking an exam that analyzes and breaks down your areas of weakness, and, statistically pinpoints your faults!

That is exactly what Munden interactive.com can do for you! Students from all over the world have come to Munden Interactive for help in improving in the subjects in which they’re having the most difficulty. Thousands of First Responders, Firefighters, EMT’s, and Paramedics use Munden Interactive on a daily basis to prepare for the toughest exams.

The National Registry Exam is quickly becoming one of the most difficult tests to pass, stifling hundreds of EMTs and Paramedics every day. But now there’s hope! Forrest Munden has compiled key information to not only help you pass the exam, but to become better in your industry! Whether it’s a state firefighter exam, preparation for a job interview, or simply preparing for the NREMT exam, Munden Interactive can help!

So, just what can Munden Interactive do for you? Lets take a look.


Feedback is a valuable tool allowing users to get a grasp on topics they may not quite understand, giving them the insight they need to pass their exam.

Training Materials

Munden Interactive offers easy-to-understand training materials for quick reference, including video lectures, links, pdfs, Power Point presentations, Youtube videos, sound files, Wiki references, and more!

Statistic and Percentage Graph Analysis

Now students can track their scores and progress, reset statistics, and analyze their deficits. Missed questions are filed in a separate bin that users can access without having to take the entire exam again, saving time and reducing effort.

Instructor Score Tracking

Instructors can now track their students as they make their way through the testing process, allowing them to discover where their students are failing, and, in turn, improve future lectures and teaching practices.

Areas of Weakness

Probably one of the most exciting aspects of Munden’s software is the ability for students to track their exact areas of weakness.  Students no longer have to guess where they’re failing. Munden Interactive will pinpoint your trouble areas for you, thereby bettering your chances for success!

And finally the most exciting part of Munden Interactive’s web-based testing system…

Computer-Adaptive Testing!

Also know as ”CAT Testing”, this powerful tool is used by many state organizations, military, fire departments, and The National Registry Of EMT’s.

Forrest Munden has developed a system that analyzes how you answer questions and compares your scores to other users, testing whether or not you can meet the required threshold that will allow you to pass the exam.

Heres what critics are saying about MundenInteractive.com…

National Registry Paramedic.com proclaims,

“Mr. Munden has created an incredible system. I have not seen its equal!”

id44.com raves,

“The progress and understanding students gain from Munden Interactive is downright impressive!”

Forrest Munden has created a system that is quickly being adopted by the private sector as well as the public sector. Why? Because the choice is clear! Respected by universities, fire departments, private ambulance companies, and EMS coordinators across the U.S., there is simply no comparison!

Munden Interactive is an intelligent response to the hard reality that technology is advancing more rapidly every day. Students and administrators alike are becoming smarter and striving to meet and exceed the challenges and demands being placed upon them.

Finally! Learning has evolved to meet that need!

Munden Interactive

Dedication for Innovation